What's the matter with this DP2M image?

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Re: I repeat: A colossal waste of time

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Instead of trying to reinvent "Where's Waldo" as if this forum were a nursery school just post your findings. If it's worth discussing, discussion will follow if not, it won't. You can live with that can't you? Most of us can and do.


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Please keep your posts on topic. Complaint filed... Rick and Kendall...


Lighten up, Frances.

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Yes, but...

I guess what it shows is that the new Canon 5DSR can produce a mediocre imitation of a Merrill image. If that's what you want.

And it sort of shows (with downsizing required) that the enormous MP counts of the newish major manufacturers are somewhat illusory or deceptive compared to the Merrill concept of stacking the "pixels" / photo-sites.

When I combine the significance of this thread with those from Gate Bois, and him using the Q cameras at ISO 1600-3200, it just points out, as I see it, the issue with too much reliance on SPP when it comes to PP. Apparently you have to use each program for what it does best, which is a bit of a nuisance, and there are those who would rather preserve their "workflow" than get the best out of the Sigma image. If you have a well exposed file with lower ISO then SPP (I think) works well enough, but trying to push a marginal (High ISO? Shadow issues?) file around and make it work with SPP, as compared to RAW Therapee, as an example, just doesn't usually work that well.

I am trying to hedge these statements somewhat, because I know that SPP sometimes produces an excellent image from a difficult file, and some people can get good results from SPP alone.

So in my view, again, some of the issues with the lack of "versatility" of the Sigma cameras are not really so limiting. (Sort of in line with Mark Twain's comment about reports of his death being exaggerated...) If we accept that the color of the Sigma camera may be slightly off at higher ISO, and there will also be some noise/grain in the image, how is that so much worse than the Bayer sensor results at such higher ISO?


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