Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re: In my book, this is totally unsatisfactory...

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I'm willing to bet that lots of folks have stopped (for current M users) or are holding off (for other brand users) getting any (more) M series gear due precisely to the lack of M series lenses. It's an embarrassment IMO that Canon are releasing some fairly decent camera bodies, but then offer you a pitiful amount of lenses - without even an EF-M lens roadmap. So right now, even though I shoot with several M bodies, I've not done anything at all with the system and have focused on other brands (Fuji and M43) until Canon can get their sh_t together!!!

Curious Ben, as i felt similar up until the M5 release, not only was it the M camera i was looking for to upgrade from earlier Ms from a tech standpoint, but it also has the right size and ergonomics to better handle more adapted ef lenses... that said id always prefer a more robust offering of native M lenses for size reasons but have gotten so used to using the current M lenses fortified with ef primes. What i cant fulfill is the 70-200 f4 IS hole as that ef lens is just to big on the M format....


Here is my thoughts. I started using mirrorless because the sensor af focus was more accurate than having to micro adjust the af on all my lenses. The second benefit for me was smaller, lighter lenses. So, if Canon adds auto sensor lens af adjustments to their dpaf sensor, there goes one of the benefits of mirrorless as far as I am concerned. And, if Canon does not increase the number of quality M lens, then why buy a mirrorless? Further, I checked Sony's tele mirrorless lenses and they are about the same size as Canon's full frame lenses. Finally Canon proved it can produce small non mirrorless cameras if it wants with the sl2. So, what am I missing? bp

Canon has the ability to annihilate the M5 with a more capable SL2 variant. MAF, EVF via hot shoe, more external controls, add focus peaking etc. and it is a done deal....and for a price far less than the M5 at its MSRP at launch. I bought the SL2 and own the M3. The SL2 will steal sales from the EOS M line and I think Canon is perfectly fine with this happening and they are actively promoting it.

IMO, Canon is doing the anemic EF-M lens catalog for a reason. It isn't because they can't make more lenses. I think they have a long term strategy to morph DSLRs to being a hybrid of MILCs. If they bring out a mirrorless FF and it uses the EF mount then the writing is on the wall for the EOS M system. It will be allowed to stagnate and/or die off. I will not believe Canon has a long term commitment to the EOS M line until I see them develop a robust EF-M lens catalog. Camera bodies come and go but lenses stay around for decades and signal a major commitment on the part of a camera maker. So far, Canon has hardly committed at all to the EOS M system.

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