Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re: In my book, this is totally unsatisfactory...

Ben Herrmann wrote:

I'm willing to bet that lots of folks have stopped (for current M users) or are holding off (for other brand users) getting any (more) M series gear due precisely to the lack of M series lenses. It's an embarrassment IMO that Canon are releasing some fairly decent camera bodies, but then offer you a pitiful amount of lenses - without even an EF-M lens roadmap. So right now, even though I shoot with several M bodies, I've not done anything at all with the system and have focused on other brands (Fuji and M43) until Canon can get their sh_t together!!!

Curious Ben, as i felt similar up until the M5 release, not only was it the M camera i was looking for to upgrade from earlier Ms from a tech standpoint, but it also has the right size and ergonomics to better handle more adapted ef lenses... that said id always prefer a more robust offering of native M lenses for size reasons but have gotten so used to using the current M lenses fortified with ef primes.  What i cant fulfill is the 70-200 f4 IS hole as that ef lens is just to big on the M format....


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