Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re: Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Canon aims to keep the M-line in the level of consumer grade. To them, all the lenses you need are already given to you.

If you want fast, pony up for an adapter and use the crop/ff lenses.

Are there any noticeable difference between using M lenses or EF lenses with an adapter in terms of image quality or AF performance?

Not in my experience. I've used the 35 F2 IS, 85 F1.8, 100 F2.8L IS macro, and 70-200 F2.8L II IS, as well as the EF-M 11-22, 22, and 18-55 on my M. The 11-22 and 22 compare very favorably with the better EF lenses.

Must agree with ali, i find NO difference between native and adapted ef lenses except size.  the 35 f2 50 1.8 85 1.8 1nd 135 f2 all find decent time on my M5 along with M native lenses.  and the M5s size and ergonomics make them all easy to manage even the 135 f2.  As i have gotten more and more accepting to the concept of adapting ef lenses it bothers me less and less that the native m line is crawling along with releases... at this point i have shifted from my desire of fast native primes (although ill take them please) what i need is a 70-200 f4 as the 18-150 and 55-200 both in my kit are lacking in comparison of ig and capability and the ef version is just too big to be considered easily adapted.

With the 22 already available and the 35 f2 and 50 1.8 so adaptable ill take a 85 or 90 f2 and the 70-200 or better 55-250 f4 as the two holes id most like covered by a lens release.


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