Anyone using a 300mm f4 PF with 2xlll tele-extender?

Started Jul 17, 2017 | Discussions thread
Dan_168 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,478
I would avoid 2X TC, here is some samples with the 1.7X

AlaskaAce wrote:

Hi all,

I am using the 300m f4 PF with the 1.4x lll on my D500 and it works great. I also use the 1.4x lll on my 200-500 f5.6 and at f8 still focuses quickly and fairly good resolution. The 300mm with 2x lll would be a much a smaller and lighter package.

Just turned 80 and am feeling I need less weight.


I have tried the 300 PF with 1.4X, 1.7X and 2.0X TC on my D500, the longest I will use is the 1.7x TC, here is a few example I got from last weekend,

All handheld, I think even with the 1.7 TC, the focusing speed takes a pretty bg hit already, but still usable for things like the Airshow, I would called those " barely usable", I would not recommend the 2.0TC both for image quality and focusing speed. I know some of the image quality issue actually comes from the D500 sensor not the TC or lens.

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