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People of DP forums, I have 4k roughly I would like to invest in more lenses and a FF body. I currently have a 135mm l, 100mm l, and 70-200mm f/4, so I'm not interested in another telephoto like the 70-200mm ii or 100-400mm ii. Otherwise, I am open to any and all suggestions! Also, when it comes to price, please account in budgeting that I plan to buy all this my gear used from FredMiranda. In regard to genre and personal style, I shoot just about everything you can think of minus sports. Thanks!

Sony A7x, EF-FE adapter, Sony 16-35 f4, Canon or Sony 50/55mm.

The Sony A7x isn't made for speed and larger lenses IMO, but since you mention "everything you can think of minus sports" it should be no issue.

As long as "everything minus sports" doesn't include making images of the night sky.

Sony sensors are reputed "star eaters." They have lower noise than some other sensor makes, but apparently the algorithm used to eliminate noise can't distinguish between faint stars and actual noise.

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In case of doing real astro photography, yes, the star eater syndrom is an issue. Generally spoken and with the latest FW in mind the start eater thing is a sophism to leave the Sony out of the option list IMO.

The A7II and A7RII are wonderfull portrait, land- and cityscape camera's. Good detail and great DR. EVF has it's advantages, especially when using MF lenses. Sony has the WL function, something I often use for bracketing, much better implemented than Canon has. And what about IBIS ? Your non-stabilized lenses suddenly are : Canon 135mm (IB)IS

On the other hand, battery life of my A7II is plain sh*t, playback is annoyingly sloooow and EVF still isn't great for everything.

There must be a reason I shoot both Canon DSLR and Sony ML ... 

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