Questions about Olympus OM manual focus lenses and coatings

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Re: Please Concentrate Comments On These Questions

Charley123 wrote:

After more research, I've learned SC perform better on some Olympus OM film cameras, and MC better on other Olympus OM film cameras. I learned that the result depends on the camera and lens, and how well matched they are.

Since I'm going to use Metabones Speedbooster with Olympus M10 Mark II, there is no way to know whether SC or MC will be better. So I bought both lenses (new old stock) from a warehouse in Japan. This way I can try both. The cost of both lenses is small compared to the Speedbooster adapter.

The SC cost $75, MC $130. Combined shipping (from same warehouse) was "only" $30, which is reasonable for shipping from Japan, IMO. They haven't arrived yet. Fingers crossed.

It may take a while for them to arrive. I'm not sure if it's coming by airmail or ship. It's cheap shipping (for Japan to USA). So it might be on a "slow boat from Japan", which is almost as slow as a "slow boat from China". Ha ha

It's too late now, but what exactly do you expect from this super-expensive kit? While the OM50/1.8 was fine because they threw them after you, at this price I would not consider it at all. That Metabone adapter alone is more expensive that the OMD 45/1.8 and I am pretty sure that the OMD 45/1.8 is miles ahead in IQ. Sorry if that was not what you wanted to hear.

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