Questions about Olympus OM manual focus lenses and coatings

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Re: Please Concentrate Comments On These Questions

khunpapa wrote:

The OM 50mm f/1.8 is darn good.

It's really not that simple at all. The 50/1.8 is the most common lens, made by the millions and is really a hit and miss in quality, some are better then other. It's a lens they bundled in every box with every OM camera sold during all the years.

I had some excellent, some really crappy copies of it as well, even if they all were in excellent condition, not abused or dropped or used in any battle.

But, keep in mind that it's at least 40 years old!

The SC/MC is less important than how many battles your lens had passed.

MC is newer than SC, so generally speaking, the likelihood that you get a better lens is higher if you buy MC. MC is also better in terms of contrast and colour.

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