Full Moon from hands with HR processing technique

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Full Moon from hands with HR processing technique

I hope, somebody can find this useful.

The sky was clean. So I decided to check the high resolution technique ones more. I have taken more than 20 images using OMD-EM10 and Pana 100-300 (first version). They all were OK. In this example I have processed only 12 first shots using PS.

The HR technique is well known and based on averaging a set of static images in a container with the enhanced pixel count. Because the same point of the object is statistically projected to different R, G, B subpixels one can enhance the resolution to the physical pixel size instead of the size occupiend by 4 pixels (RGGB). The absence of AA-filter is very important for the HR method.

The image below is received using  Photoshop as follows:

1. All the 12 images (RAWs) were cropped and exported as TIFFs.

2. The 12 TIFF images were loaded in stack.

3. All the images were resized to 200%.

4. The resized images were automatically aligned and converted to the smart object.

5. The images were averaged using using smart-object procedure.

6. Finaly the smart sharpenning was applied

This image can also be find in my Gallery at https://www.dpreview.com/galleries/8900705724

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