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Re: Slow Sync on iPhone 8+

TJGKG wrote:

I just got the iPhone 8+ and while it is not my main camera, it is good to know how to use all the features. Does anyone know how to activate slow sync flash? They keep touting it as a new feature but I cannot figure out how to activate the flash to do slow sync-just on and off.

With the iOS camera app, it is activated automatically, you don't have any control over slow sync.  It will choose slow sync when appropriate and, so far, it has done so for me on the 8+. Some 3rd party apps may be able to manually toggle it.

The slow sync behaves like the "tele" lens.  When you select "2x" it will try and use the tele lens if there is sufficient light for the f/2.8 lens.  If not, it will default to the f/1.8 lens and digitally give you the 2x.  I have confirmed this with testing and looking at the EXIF on images in Photos on the Mac.  In lower light, I'll stay at 1x anyway and at f/1.8 so it doesn't bother me.   However, there are 3rd party camera apps that give you full control of of lens switching and you can force it....I haven't found one yet for the slow sync since it's so new.

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