How important is 4K video for the non-professional?

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Re: How important is 4K video for the non-professional?

Lepewhi wrote:

Well the headline says it all, really. As I understand it, you'll have to have a new and expensive computer to make use of it. I could be wrong. But, if it's true, What's the big deal if you are shooting videos of vacations or parties? Serious question. Thanks for your thoughts.


In 2006 I bought my first digital camera. A Canon A620 that I still have and is still working. One thing I liked in this camera is that was one of a few (in 2006) that could record movies in 640x480 (many others only in 320x240).

Now, when I play a movie from that camera on a relatively smal 32" full hd TV it looks awful. Even on my 17" full hd laptop they look pretty bad.

Now, nobody knows which will be the standard in TV in, say, 2030. But I think it will better at that moment to have a 4K movie than a FHD movie to play.

I recently changed my phone to a Moto G5 Plus. Relatively cheap phone that can record movies in 4K.

I think it offers more versatility, think of cropping, stabilizing, extract frames, etc.

And regarding the computer, yes and no. I had trouble playing 4k movies in first generation Intel i5. But the newest generation of processors are able to play it fine, Even cheaper processors like celeron, etc.


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