I bought new legacy lenses

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Re: I bought new legacy lenses

Charley123 wrote:

I've been looking for 50mm Olympus OM and Minolta MD legacy lenses (F1.7 or F1.8) to use on my Olympus M10 Mark II with Metabones Speedbooster Adapter. I prefer Oly OM and Min MD lenses photo character, quality, and I like their small size and weight.

I assumed there were no new legacy lenses I wanted since they're 30+ years old. So I wasted a bunch of time on Ebay, Etsy, and other websites looking for excellent+ or mint used lenses.

I got ripped off 3/4 of the time with sellers lying about condition. Often they sold me mildew stinking trash they claimed was mint. Some accept returns, which is a hassle, and some refuse returns. It's also become common for dishonest sellers to spray cologne or air freshener on nasty items in an attempt to mask the mildew smells. Sometimes the fungus can't be seen, but smelled strongly, which is still not desirable.

I learned to be suspicious, careful, and ask a lot of questions with Etsy and Ebay sellers. Amazon sellers didn't even answer any questions. So I bought nothing from Amazon.

I ended up with two nice used lenses and a bunch of trash that needs to be returned or thrown in the trash can.

Ebay used to be a lot safer and more honorable place a few years ago (when I used to buy used Canon gear). It's really gone down hill in the last few years. Now it seems to me the crooks outnumber the honest sellers (and Etsy is no better). I'm a US citizen and I hate to say it, but other US citizens are the most likely to rip me off. All Japanese sellers and one European treated me well as a buyer. Some US citizens are good sellers, but many of them are crooks these days. That's my recent experiences. Ebay needs to crack down.

I recently learned there are still new old stock (new in the box) Oly OM and Min MD lenses out there and a new lens only costs $0 to $35 more than used (allegedly) mint lenses. I was still suspicious and asked a lot of questions to vette sellers and products. Worked out great everytime so far buying new old stock, new open box, new in box, or new other from US and Japanese sellers. I've got some nice new lenses for excellent prices.

Buying new legacy lenses is still possible, safer, and only costs same or slightly more.

For example, allegedly mint condition used Minolta MD 50mm F1.7 lenses typically cost $50 to $75. I bought one new one for $65 and another for $75.

Same with Olympus OM 50mm F1.8, except they cost more (used or new) than Minolta. I don't think Oly OM lenses are better than Minolta MD. The OM are just different color balance and contrast, equally good IMO, and cost double.

P.S. - new legacy lenses are not always available, but if you shop Ebay twice a week, within 1 to 2 months you'll find gold. New legacy auto focus lenses cost half as much and are much easier to find than the slightly older manual focus lenses I like.

The bay can be a challenge.  Research on the seller can help.  Also, used lenses from KEH, Roberts, CameraWest etc are often worth a look.  Pricier, yes, but that includes peace of mind

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