Commlite CN-ENF-E1 review

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Re: Commlite CN-ENF-E1 review

armin304 wrote:

The adapter has still a lot of curious behaviour in regular use.

One is, that simply changing a lens isn't enough. To get the changed lens correctly recognized, you have to remove the adapter too from the camera and reattach it. Switching off the the camera has no effect, since obviously Sony doesn't cut the power to the lens when switching off. Even if the next lens has no CPU, the data of the lens before will remain in the adapter and will behave like one, which isn't really to expect.

Bad adapter design - most EF adapters I've tried (along with Sony's LA-EA3) are designed properly so that LENS_XDETECT contact on the Sony side gets broken when the lens is removed from the adapter - causing the adapter to be depowered.

The intention here on Sony's part is to reduce initialization and startup time if the lens is not detached.

Another quirk, obviously resulting from not interpreting the power off signal correctly, is the adapter draining the battery with the camera switched off. It got better with the latest firmwares for camera and adapter, but it's still there.

Yup.  Nearly all third-party adapters on the market fail here.  Metabones and Sigma are some of the only ones to get Sony's lens power management right.  A side effect of Sony's initialization/startup time optimization mentioned above.

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