L bracket for A99 (rev 1)

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Re: L bracket for A99 (rev 1)

Thanks for the advice.The RRS product looks good, and I understand that the limited market dictates the high cost. Still am hesitating to spend $160 on a piece of aluminum.  Moreover, I am likely to upgrade my A99i to A99ii at some point, and then what? Part from $160 again to make it more convenient to put the camera on a tripod in a vertical orientation? I understand that a pro would consider this a minor investment, but I am just a hobbyist. Looking farther, there is a Chinese product that seems to be a copy of the RRS, at about 1/3 the price. Some complained about imperfections, some were happy with it. I think I'll give it a shot and report here (in a month - that's how long it takes to arrive). It's sold by Amazon, so should be returnable if I don't like it.

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