Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

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Re: Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

DanTravel wrote:

So, just got my brand new 15" MBP with top of the line specs. This is coming from my old 2011 MBP in which I was finding Lightroom performance to be a struggle.

My old laptop didn't have a graphics card, and my new one has a decent one. So, performance is better, but I'm still a little taken back by how often that "loading" indicator still comes up and the fact it stays on for a few seconds when loading each picture.

Corrections are fast and snippy, but changing between photos in Develop mode (slow), and in Library mode (slow, but not as slow as in Develop mode).

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing the big jump in performance as I would have expected. There is no reason Lightroom can't make navigating their Lightroom libraries as seamless and as responsive as the Mac Photos app. Disappointed in Lightroom's poor performance on the latest and greatest Spec'd out MBP.

That is all.

Tips? Does anyone out there have solid performance from their Lightroom?

And by the way... I would LOVE YOU FOREVER if you would post a benchmark comparison of how long it takes to import and build 1:1 previews from RAW files for the same set of, say, 300 images. (Along with the specs for both your 2011 and 2017 MBPs). If you have had the 15” versions on both - and especially if you upgraded your older 2011 with SSDs and 16gb of RAM, this is the comparison I’ve been waiting for... and cannot find anywhere online. It’s always someone with a 13” 2011 MBP or without an upgraded SDD or RAM - so it’s not really a good comparison on what I’m running now. 
I’m still amazed that on a 2011 machine (which, as I said, I’ve upgraded) - the gap is not as wide as you’d think in performance (maybe a 30% improvement in LR, I’m guessing - but after SIX YEARS. Would love to hear your thoughts after having gotten used to this upgrade.

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