Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

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Re: Lightroom Performance on Newest MacBook Pro

To the OP:

Unfortunately, as others have said, LR is an unoptimized dog for performance in many ways. However, trying to make the best of it...

I know you mentioned that you migrated your catalog over to the new computer with previews, but are you sure you’ve got 1:1 previews generated? Try one folder of images within your catalog, and manually build 1:1 previews for those images - then see what the speed is of going through them in the Develop/Library module. I’m on a much older Macbook Pro (2011) - and it is a 3-6 second delay when switching between raw images loading fully in Develop mode if I don’t have 1:1 previews built for them.

That being said, when 1:1 previews are built - there is almost no delay. This is one of the main ways you can speed up LR... make sure 1:1 previews are always built. Keep in mind as soon as you’ve made ANY changes to a photo in the Develop module, a preview will need to be built again to load quickly/almost instantaneously. I usually am going through about a gallery of 900 new images at a time after shoots; I always do a few basic adjustments first (that I expect to do to most of my raw imports, such as the Adobe Camera profile change, adding a little bit of clarity and vibrance, etc. - then sync all photos in that folder with those changes - THEN build 1:1 previews. It gets all images closer to final processing (and for some, is all I will ever need) - then I do my selections, edits on only the needed selections, and typically rebuild 1:1 previews one more time for a final review before exporting. 
Generating 1:1 previews is definitely the most annoying part of everything - and for me, where LR is the worst and suffers most from not utilizing multiple cores or hyperthreading. It should be much, much faster. Adobe apparently can’t be bothered to rewrite code that would make it a better product. 
And... seeing as LR and Photoshop usage are the only ‘power-use’ apps I use frequently, it’s really, really  hard to justify upgrading to a newer MBP for me (like you, I’m sure). I’ve got dual SSDs (which, obviously is slower than SSDs in modern Macs - but this doesn’t affect performance in LR much at all), and 16gb of slower-clocked RAM - and the (for a 2011) top-specced i7 2.3ghz quad core, and high-res display (before there were retinas). The new MBPs are faster, to be sure - but just not $3,000 worth and 6 years of advancements in technology (or what I think it should be like) faster. That is really, really a bummer. And unfortunately, for my uses, that’s a LR failing - not just the hardware. Until this machine truly kicks the bucket... I’m really paying $3000 to save myself about 10-15 mins when building previewsfor the most part (I don’t even really benefit from a retina screen upgrade as I’m plugged into an iMac in TDM 90% of the time). That’s not much of an incentive.

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