Sports Photography - what AF mode works best for you ?

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Re: Sports Photography - what AF mode works best for you ?

photobob1950 wrote:

Prairie Pal wrote:

I picked up a D7200 to start practicing on local rodeos. Having some difficulty keeping the faces in focus (particularly for barrel racing).

My experience with sport and airshow photography with my D7100 and Nikkor 70-300 is AFC single or 9pt focussing. Oh, and I use manual with the lens generally wide open, and auto iso. I will move the focus point to where I think the face is going to be in the frame if I have time, otherwise leave the focus point in the middle and crop later to suit.

Anyway, here's a few pics using this method from a local rodeo. Pretty sure these are all from the barrel racing...

If you have never shot a rodeo, give it a go! You will have a blast!

I've done I think 4 rodeos so far, small ones.  Honestly before I decided to start photographing them I'd never been to one in person, and only glanced at them on tv, so for the most part I don't know the rules, points and skill  classes etc.  What I DO know is that I'm addicted to the intense expressions on their faces, and on the horses.  And I'm really enjoying capturing the concentration on the riders' / ropers the moment before the gate is flung open.  The women are fiercely competitive barrel racers.  One of the main things I have to learn is the correct vantage point for each type of event.  I've found the contestants really appreciative of a good photograph of them and their horse, as are the parents when their high school and college kids are competing.

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