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Tom, I have to admit I needed to check the idiom you used - "if push comes to shove" . Your posts enrich my English. Thanks!

I am just finishing a test I have been doing for the past two weeks and will publish it on Monday - to discipline myself I publish posts every Monday afternoon. Until then I will not reveal the exact content of the test, but here is a small teaser: the camera is Sony A7R II, there is a native Canon EF  lens, a third-party lens in Nikon F mount, and a third-party lens in Leica M mount, all maketed within the last 2.5 years.



Tom Caldwell wrote:

jarek leo wrote:

I was three times at the crossroads and finally took the Nikon way. In terms of native bodies presently Nikon beats Canon all the way. In terms of usability of lenses on Sony E bodies it is the other ways round.

Pure luck on my part - I had swapped my Ricoh PK mount MF slr for a Canon EOS 620 slr some years pre-digital and it seemed a good idea to stick with the EF mount when I went digital. Thought I might re-use my existing entry level EF lenses with digital but made the "mistake" of buying a top-range EF lens with my first dslr and was hooked. Only recently have I tried and successfully used one of my EF lenses from slr days ...

But in the end things seem to go full circle. Now I have bought several Sigma DC lenses in EF mount to solely use on M4/3 bodies. Now I know that this is the wrong approach but I am just a little overome by how well these DC (aps-c) lenses work focal reduced on M4/3.

I can even use them on EF-M or Sony-E (aps-c) if push comes to shove (as they say).




Tom Caldwell wrote:


Thanks for this helpful post and link. All I can say is that many years ago when I came to the Nikon/Canon EF crossroads I took the Canon route and then persevered in the wilderness until I found other mirrorless bodies that could be used full-function with EF lenses. As far as I am concerned both M4/3 and later Sony E/FE now can work well with Canon EF and a suitable adapter.

Maybe one day Nikon also?

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