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DMillier wrote:

roytempest wrote:

For comparison, about 40,000 died in traffic accidents in the USA in 2016. About 4 million were seriously injured.

I find it surprising that there is no campaign to restrict or ban the ownership of vehicles.

Road deaths in the UK in 2016 were 1713. Times that figure by 5 to match the US population and you get 8564. The UK roads are immensely crowded as well. If the US had 40,000 deaths, you want to take a hard look at road safety along with gun culture. Perhaps those accidents happen while drivers are racing to the gun shop...

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Maybe it's because the "average" driver in the US drives double the distance per year and in far, far worse weather than the average driver in the UK.

When is the last time you drove 100 miles in heavy snow? Maybe it's because there are many, many more dangerous roads in the US than in the UK? My home is about 1000 feet higher in elevation than the highest point in the UK. In Colorado alone there are 832 mountain peaks about three times higher than the highest point in the UK.

Maybe you should do some research before quipping about things you have absolutely no knowledge about. Half this country or more has heavy snows during winter months. Only in a few places do we have the kind of city transportation as you have in the UK. People drive in snow, ice, heavy rains, high winds and many drive on narrow, icy mountain roads. The average miles people drive in the US are heavily skewed by those who live in large cities such as New York City where many don't even have cars. Those of us in the southwest often drive as much or more than 40,000 miles per year rather than the near 14,000 mile average for the entire country. So we are exposed to risk at a much greater rate than UK drivers. In the UK there were 31.7 million registered passenger vehicles last year. In the USA there were 263.6 million registered passenger vehicles. That represents about 11.6 times as many vehicles. Lots of reasons why there are more vehicle fatalities in the US than in the UK, non of which are drivers "racing to the gun shop"...

I doubt you have many roads like this in the UK - at least on my trips across the UK I've never seen them:

Little more likely to have accidents on this Colorado road than on UK roads..


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