A few lightly used X100F for sale already?..

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Re: A few lightly used X100F for sale already?..

I'm debating selling my X100F because while it's undeniably better than the X100S I had, especially the AF speed, I'm not convinced it's $800 better (assuming the X100S value is ~$500).

The other factor is that I find myself using the X-E1 a lot more these days. Originally I bought the X100S and X-E1 because I'd never owned a "real" camera before and wanted to see what I preferred. Since they were both a generation behind, it only cost a little more than an X100T.
I actually can't make up my mind which one to sell, but I should probably sell one of them soonish.    If I could go back in time I'd probably not have bought the X100F but now I'd have to eat $100-150 of the price difference which makes it trickier.

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