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Re: 24 or even 36Mpx BSI Cmos would have been the Killer Sensor for the D850 at the 10FPS

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I'm a fan of auto-iso in a lot of situations, but not the one he's describing. I think it would miss a lot of exposures, as would TTL flash metering.

He's not using TTL. He's using manual flash at low power for fill. Why do you think using Auto-ISO with -EC in this situation would "miss a lot of exposures"? I can think of one potential problem: if he is changing shooting distance but not changing flash power.

I am not changing flash power but I am changing shutter speed if the distance changes. IOW my distance doesn't change much because I am standing in one spot and celebs are walking in the same spot. I also explained that I set to shoot at 1/250 to start with. But if I need to go a little farther at the angle I just simply change the shutter speed to slower 1/160 or even 1/125. Once I come back to the same spot I change it back to 1/250. Simple.

Your shutter speed changes have no - none, zero, zip, nada - effect on the work your fill flash does to illuminate the subject.

My flash is not just filling the light. It is at the constant output on manual. By slowing the shutter more background light (from behind me) is coming in. I am not shooting in the dark.

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