Commlite CN-ENF-E1 review

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Re: Commlite CN-ENF-E1 review

The adapter has still a lot of curious behaviour in regular use.

One is, that simply changing a lens isn't enough. To get the changed lens correctly recognized, you have to remove the adapter too from the camera and reattach it. Switching off the the camera has no effect, since obviously Sony doesn't cut the power to the lens when switching off. Even if the next lens has no CPU, the data of the lens before will remain in the adapter and will behave like one, which isn't really to expect.

Another quirk, obviously resulting from not interpreting the power off signal correctly, is the adapter draining the battery with the camera switched off. It got better with the latest firmwares for camera and adapter, but it's still there.

Power consumption with continuous AF may be a little on the high side, but since I don't own a native lens for my A7II, I have nothing to compare it to.

The adapter lacks an aperture simulator, it not even has the little switch you find at cameras like the D3xxx or D5xxx, that informs the camera, that the lens is set to it's smallest aperture and if not creates an error if you are not in M. Be carefull if you are using AF lenses with aperture ring or you may scratch your head, why the images are not like you want them.

That said, the adapter gives additional use to my A7II and depending on the lens, AF does not have to be slow. I like that someone made the effort at all and I bought it as soon as it was available. But I really don't know, what has ridden me, as I put together the kit for my actual holidays. It must have been some kind of masochism, as it contains the A7II, the Commlite adapter, the old Zenitar 2.8/16 fisheye, the big Sigma 1.8/20 (no HSM, no AF), the pre AI Nikkor K 2/28, the AF-S 1.8/50 and AF-S 4/70-200 VR. But the masochism ended with the Rubinar 10/1000 and I took instead my Nikon P900, so it's not that bad, if the Sony with adapter annoys me too much.

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