where to find DCS Pro Back 645 M battery wiring?

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Alexey.Danilchenko Senior Member • Posts: 1,304
Re: where to find DCS Pro Back 645 M battery wiring?

3d printing the case will not help you much - LiIon battery packs like this need controller inside (circuit that will prevent over charging and over depletion).

The resources on Wowcamera and my efforts in the last 2 years were mostly directed to Probacks not SLR/n. You will not find service manual for Proback - it does not exist per se. What existed basically allowed replacing distinct parts in proback (mainboard, imager board etc). No schematics exist outside of Kodak I believe. We reversed some parts of it (to do with imager board or camera comms) but not much - main circuit board from what I recall is 6 layers and is difficult to trace. The most common problem (loosing camera connection) if not caused by broken flex is usually uncurable (the REQ signal gets garbled).

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