where to find DCS Pro Back 645 M battery wiring?

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Re: where to find DCS Pro Back 645 M battery wiring?

You don't need wiring if you have a battery - you need to take it apart and replace cells inside - it uses 2 x 18650 cells so you can get Panasonic NCR18650B - here for example.

I would advise to get the replacement elements with tabs welded on so it is easier to solder.

Opening the battery is fairly easy put a knife alongside the joint on each of 4 sides in turn and firmly tap on it with a hammer (just enough to cut through the plastic). The circuit board and battery cells inside are also attached to the bottom of the battery case via plastic pin and to the top with sticky padding so the two halves won't come apart easily. Just pull the top bit with your hand until it comes off. The bottom bit you will need to take out and break the plastic pin (you can melt it in place later with soldering iron). Once the board is out the cells  need to be cut off their tabs (they are welded to the tabs). You then reattach the board to the bottom of the case, melt the plastic pin to keep it in place attach and solder on the new cells (be quick so the batteries don't overheat). You can then test charge it  and after all is fine, pit some glue on the sides of the case and attach the top. I usually smooth the gaps with black Sugru.

Link on Wowcamera with photos (use google translator).

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