I bought new legacy lenses

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Re: I bought new legacy lenses

My Ebay return case was decided by Ebay in my favor. Completely in my favor. They offered me way more than I even asked for, but I just went with what I had requested all along.

All I asked for was a refund of my purchase price and I offered to pay the return shipping. Ebay said I don't have to pay the return shipping and I could even keep the goods since the Seller wasn't cooperating.

However, I don't want to take advantage. So I'm returning the goods and I'm paying return shipping because I had offered that as an olive branch to the seller. I will get a refund, which is all I ever wanted.

This was my first dispute ever - after buying and selling on Ebay for years. I learned that I can still buy items safely on Ebay. If a Sellers is not honest about description-condition, they will be held to account for it, if I open a case and go through the steps.

In the end, my only real loss is significant amounts of my time wasted, but that is a cost.

My confidence in Ebay is significantly restored, but I also will have more caution believing Sellers descriptions of condition in the future.

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