Modifiers for mobile capable 2 / 3 light setup?

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Modifiers for mobile capable 2 / 3 light setup?

I am a hobbiest who enjoys photography and never wish to ruin my love of photography by taking money for my photos. As such my budget is very modest so my entire kit is pretty much used gear.

I have 2 different setups for off shoe flash with my Sony A77.

A) 1 x Sony Mezt 58, 1 x Sony Metz 52.

B) 2 x manual Metz 60-CT1, 1 x manual Metz 60-CT4.

I like kit A for when I go to an event and want something pretty quick and easy. I like kit B for at home when I have more time to compose and work up to the proper exposure. I have been using both these setups with no modifiers or make shift pillow case modifiers at home.

I have been using old tripods with each of these kits. I just scored two Manfrotto 8' light stands for $40. Of course I can't use these stands yet because I have not way to attach my flashes to the stands. Reasearch shows my I need a couple "S-Type" speed rings.?.? Since I am going to purchase the speed rings I might as well purchase some modifiers with them.

I was thinking of purchasing 1 x Godex 60cm x 60cm softbox and 1 x Godex 80cm x 80cm softbox that come with the S-Type speed rings. I have read this fuorum extensively and I am questioning my decision!

I have really enjoyed photographing a few weddings at the local cancer walk and have reveled in the accolades of the quality of my work (vs. cell phone of course). I have also enjoyed offering photographs during my daughters middle school dances and a couple Christmas parties.

I have read that when it comes to modifiers that bigger is generally better. I have also read than bigger is also a lot more hassle. Please recommend 2 modifiers that are big enough for full body shots, will hold up for amerature use and are pretty easy to setup and put away.

I use my Sony comp Metz 58 and 52 flashes with Wireless TTL 2:1 exposure for speed and simplicity.

I really love my old Metz 60 hammer head flashes for their power! I use the Metz 60's 2:1 exposure with PC cords and a PC splitter. The wired nature of these flashes makes them kind impractical for portable use. I paid about $100 for all three of the Metz 60's then converted them to common lithium ion batteries myself... they last FOREVER with 6 x 18650 Li-ion batteries powerring each of them! I considered buying some dumb rf triggers for these Metz 60's but I could buy a second Sony compatible Metz 58 flash to use wirelessly with my other Sony compat Metz 58 and 54. (about $200 used for a Sony compat MEtz 58). I would really like to experiment with having a 3rd flash to highlight a subjects hair from behind.

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