Bigma and a77 II

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Re: Bigma and a77 II

Well, because of uncertainty of whether my next camera is going to be APS-C or FF, and generally more love for the Tamron (as well as uncertainty as to whether the Sigma would work on an a77II), I didn't pursue the auction. Probably too cautious of me, as it went for $360 au (about $280 USD), and at that price I probably couldn't have lost - but
FWIW I'm not going to decide between the two (or even if I need either) until I decide between the a77II and the a99. With the a99, uncropped, 500mm would be only a marginal improvement over the much more tractable Sony 55-300mm. The 600mm of the Tamron would be required to give an effective jump in reach (cropping aside); if I decide on the a77II, the Sony 70-400mm becomes a contender.

I'll field some opinions on the APS-C v FF decision in a new thread; it's a quandry I haven't been able to resolve for a couple of reasons; the other one being low light performance.

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