Galaxy S8 Raw Photos on SD Card?

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Re: You can use Open Camera and set the save location to the SD Card.

requa wrote:

I think I found it. In the FAQ from the Open Camera developer's site, I found instructions for using external storage. I followed the instructions that apply to Android 5 rather than enabling adoptable storage. From the site:

How can I save to my external SD card? - This depends on your Android version:

  • Android 4.3 or below - Select Save location under Settings/"More camera controls", and navigate to a folder on your SD card. Unfortunately the path varies depending on the device, so you'll have to look this up or find it out yourself - it's usually one of the folders inside /storage/ (press "Parent Folder" until you're in "/storage/") or /mnt/ (press "Parent Folder" until you're in "/", then select "mnt"). Then have a look inside one of the folders in there - note that confusingly it won't be "sdcard", but will be named something else, e.g., "extSdCard").
  • Android 4.4 - Unfortunately it is not possible for 3rd party apps to write to external SD cards. This is not a bug or missing feature in Open Camera, rather that Google have blocked write access to external SD cards in Android 4.4. There is one exception: if you use a folder in on your SD card (use the "New folder" option to create the folders/sub-folders if necessary), that should allow saving to the SD card. Note that all files in this folder will be deleted if you uninstall Open Camera, so be careful that you don't lose your photo/videos if you use this method, and then uninstall!
  • Android 5.0 onwards - The restrictions on SD cards introduced in Android 4.4 still apply, however instead you can enable Settings/More camera controls/"Use Storage Access Framework", and this should allow you to save to external SD cards. If when choosing a folder, you only see "Recent", you may need to click on the three dots at the top right to open the menu, to enable showing the drives (e.g., "Show internal storage", and hopefully you'll see something similar for the SD card). Note that a known issue is that the on-screen "free memory" will still show the free internal storage rather than on the SD card (this is an Android limitation - when using Storage Access Framework, there doesn't seem to be a way to get the free space on the drive).
  • Android 6.0 onwards - From Android 6, some devices support "Adoptable Storage" allowing you to select to use an SD card as internal storage. Note that not all devices support this, even if running Android 6 or later. If your device doesn't support this, or you want to instead use an SD card as "portable storage", you'll have to use the Storage Access Framework method as with Android 5 (or the method as with Android 4.4).

It works!  I did not turn on Storage Access Framework because I thought that's the reason why photos were stored using phone memory.  Quite the opposite.

This shot in DNG format is stored in the folder I created in the SD card.
Thanks to you and Russell.

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