D850 front focusing :(

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Re: D850 front focusing :(

I spent all day trying to calibrate lenses today on my D850. I ended up cross-checking against my D500 and D750 just to check it wasn't the lenses I was having trouble with.

The spread of figures for me was largely in the 15+ range. My 70-200 was the exception, needing +8 to +15 depending on focal length. My 24-70E averaged at +16, 85 1.8 was +18 but the killer is my 300mm 2.8 which needs more than +20.

There's a trick available to get beyond +20 which is to delete the lens specific setting for the problem lens and then set a default value. Default +8 seems to be equivalent to lens specific +24 maybe (it's hard to know). That gives me a very small amount of back-focusing but is workable. A default setting will not interfere with any where you have a lens specific setting entered.

I don't like this as a long term solution though. I'm not sure if I'm better off getting the retailer to replace the body and hope to get one that seems less of an outlier or if I should just get them to have Nikon to look at it.

Any advice from someone who has been in a similar situation in the past?

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