First Attempt at Milky Way Photography

Started Sep 29, 2017 | Photos thread
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Re: First Attempt at Milky Way Photography

JDC wrote:

After a few aborted attempts, due to weather, I was finally able to capture my first photograph of the Milky Way. Thanks to all the posters to this forum for inspiration & information as well as Ian Norman @ for a fantastic tutorial on photographing & post processing the image.

Looking for C&C as well as suggestions to reduce light pollution. Thanks!

That's a terrific first attempt. You nailed focus, which many people find very difficult. Your sky exposure looks good to me. And you didn't overdo it too much in post, which I like.  But be careful to keep your MW exposure in balance with your sky -- in this image it's a bit out of whack (i.e., too bright), but not wildly so and certainly in the mainstream of most MW images you will see on this and comparable photo sites.

Some people have strong feelings about the color of the sky and stars.  Play around with your images until you find a palette that works for you.

As for the LP, the very best thing, of course, is to find a dark site without LP, but for many people that is not a practical solution. Search online and you will find not only LP filters, but also software tools and techniques for reducing both LP and skyglow.

About 35% of your image is a featureless foreground.  Look for opportunities to include something of interest in your foreground -- that will help a lot.  Learn how to make  composite photos (if you don't already), with one exposure for the foreground, and another for the sky.  Good luck, and keep on're on the right track!

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