Focus bracketing trick with Panny G(H/X)

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Focus bracketing trick with Panny G(H/X)

Focus bracketing may be sometimes little bit confusing. Basically you have options for stepping between focus positions and number of images which should be taken. Now how to set it properly to cover the whole depth of field we want to be sharp?

You might fight with analysis/calculations/tables or - you can use this neat trick.

  1. Set the camera to focus bracketing and adjust the STEP settings (1-10, generally the higher AV you use for shooting - the more coarse the stepping can be). Let´s say set it to 3.
  2. Choose the direction of focus bracket to 0/+ it will shift focus from the closest to farthest distance
  3. Choose drive mode to burst (here is the trick)
  4. Set the focusing method to whatever you want (AFS/AFF/MANUAL - yes even in manual the focus bracketing works at least on GH5 ) -
  5. Adjust focus on closest part of the scene and burst (keep the shutter button pressed). Watch in EVF how camera is gradually shifting the focus when making exposures. When it reaches the point of farthest distance you want to keep sharp then release the shutter.


When using single shot drive mode camera runs automatically upon the shutter press until it reaches preset image count. With BURST drive mode you have to keep shutter pressed all the time.

If the camera buffer is running low and you have still not reached the farthest distance of your scene - use higher AV and coarser stepping (e.g. 5 in this example). This will reduce number of shots necessary to cover the depth of field you want to have sharp.

It is pretty easy, can be visually controlled - and it works with all AF capable lenses

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