Bowens XMT500,,,Should I buy, now that Bowens is gone?

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Bowens XMT500,,,Should I buy, now that Bowens is gone?

Hi folks, I need some advice please.

I've just recently started getting back into photography after being away from it since the late '70's. I'm trying to put together a decent kit, and I need lighting. I know less than nothing about lighting, but I'm trying. Right now, my head is spinning in circles due to Google-overload. I may ask some illogical questions, so please bare with me, and correct me when I'm wrong..

First off, I'm a buy once, cry once kind of guy. I like quality gear, but I hate paying for it. A good deal is hard to resist, as long as I'm certain it's a good deal. Given a choice about price vs quality, I'll choose quality first. That said, I'm looking for some battery powered location strobes, and I've just come across the Bowens XMT500 lights. My understanding is that these are fairly high-quality units. Is that the case?

As I search the web, I'm seeing a 2-light Bowens XMT500 kit going for $3800. U.S. Long story short, I've just found the same kit going for just under $2000 U.S. I'm thinking of taking the plunge, even though I'm fully aware that Bowens is no longer around to guarantee the product. I'm assuming that virtually any reliable camera-repair shop could deal with any issues if/when they arrive. I may be wrong however.

If I do buy this 2-light kit, I'd probably buy an extra battery or two, and possibly spare flash-tubes, as well as a spare charger.

My understanding about most of the Chinese knock-offs, is that you won't get much service there either, hence my reason for considering this Bowens kit. The "kit" includes a kit-bag, two Bowens light-stands, two 500ws heads, two batteries, and a charger. The XMTRn trigger (Nikon) is sold separately, and I can get that for roughly $170. U.S.

If I proceed, I'd probably buy some Bowens soft-boxes as well.

I'd love to buy the Profoto stuff, but at current prices, and a weak Canadian dollar ($0.80 U.S.), it's simply not realistic for me at the moment. A Profoto 2-light B-1 kit sells for $5800.CDN plus $870. tax.

I'd appreciate any advice and help you can offer.



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