D850: Electronic VR & other functions greyed-out

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Re: D850: Electronic VR & other functions greyed-out

Jabs767 wrote:

In your post you mention not being available in AF. That's covered in the manual.

But, I've had a similar problem that I've asked in another post here. No real answers there either.

I can't get Focus Peaking to work in LV Movies after I made sure of the things covered in pg 67 of the Owners Manual.

It is greyed out even though I'm in MF both on the lens and the body selector, no Electronic VR and less than 4K and not in Slo-Mo.

I've also asked a friend of mine who works for an Authorised Nikon repairer and neither he nor the technicians could answer so they've passed in on to NPS in Sydney. No answer, obviously too hard.

I've tried different lens with the same result

Turn OFF Zebra stripes and peaking should be good to go.

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