The desert in bloom

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Hudsonriver wrote:

Thanks MichaelinGC That is amazing I had no idea that there was all that dangerous wildlife roaming around a desert

I saw a picture of a Squirrel killing a Snake in a desert and I thought that was unusual..I'm staying in upstate NY its safer here.....Jeff

During the Winter, when the windows are open, I can often here coyotes howling at the moon (or, perhaps, at other coyotes). We sometimes see javalinas (wild pigs) in the neighborhood as they have mostly lost their fear of humans. I have seen photos of large cats (not the domestic type) in people's backyards, although not in mine as I do not live right next to the desert. That is about 3 houses away. We have owls in the neighborhood and my house cat does not go out at night any more.

On the other hand I can drive about 10 minutes from my house and not see any civilization at all, other than the dirt road I am driving on, or drive in the other direction and be at a large shopping area or mall. It is really quite nice, at least when it is not Summer.

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