What about the X80?

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John Gellings wrote:

ketsang wrote:

Gordon from Cameralabs mentioned in one of his video that he was told it is not possible to squeeze the same 24mps X-trans and processor into that small a body. Issue with power and heat.

Is this Gordon familiar with camera design and manufacturing? or is it just internet camera review conjecture?

Is this Gordon familiar with camera design and manufacturing?

Well, as a professional journalist of over 25 years I have close access to camera designers and manufacturers and when I asked Fuji's engineers if we would see X-Trans III in an X70 successor, they told me the sensor and processor are too power-hungry for the smaller battery and form factor of the X70. My personal take on that then is that it would be possible, but the battery life would be too short to be useful. A shame as I'd have liked an 'X80' with X-Trans III.

Of course materials, technologies and compromises change, so we may see a solution in the future.

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