Mauna Kea (Hawaii) Astrophotography advice?

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Astrophotographer 10 wrote:

LENR off? Well to be honest sometimes I do leave it on if I am doing single images or single image stitched Mosaics. The LENR takes a dark image and subtracts it. The dark is a picture of the noise and it does clean up the image somewhat unfortunately it takes twice as long to take an image. If you are stacking and taking several images that doubles the time. Not a problem if you are doing single image shots and they don't take long.

Its too bad LENR is not implemented better. Ideally, LENR would autosave the dark so it could be used with more images the same exposure length. That is how my dedicated astro cameras work. You click on auto dark and every time its takes an image it only takes one dark at the start and then it reuses that and subtracts it from every same exposure image afterwards.

I often take a few darks (lens cap on, same exposure settings as the light) and then subtract them from my images to clean them up a bit. Not sure its really needed with the XT2 as its so clean already and does not have any amp glow or bad colour noise.

So bottom line is its a matter of time saving if you can get away with it or use it if it gives an easy gain.

From my testing so far it seems stacking gives the cleanest images. Then the next best is longer exposures.


Excellent explanation and info, thanks. Funny thing is that I've simply taken the delay for granted and have had LENR enabled for all of my astro shots with the X-T2 up to now. It hadn't occurred to me that a single dark frame could be used to process a series of shots, but that makes a ton of sense (shows how relatively inexperienced I am at this sort of thing).

So, I will definitely take that approach while doing nightscapes or other night shots in Hawaii, where I may be very limited in time anyway. I'm not keen to drive up that mountain myself and may have to rely on a tour where my photography probably won't be quite so leisurely and I may be a touch more rushed.

Again, great stuff, and thanks so much for being a great resource for budding astrophotographers here on DPR. It's much appreciated.

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