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Re: Will it sell if it come with this lens ?

KeepCalm wrote:

Samuel C wrote:

KeepCalm wrote:

Samuel C wrote:

Canon makes all sizes of fixed lens cameras and whether they fit in a pocket or not is unimportant to naming conventions.

I wonder how many people outside of the hard core Canon enthusiasts realise the G1X is not a 1" camera? The assumption for many I am sure would be that it is as it is grouped with them.

You're drawing a distinction without a difference. There are two types of camera buyers: ones that do their research and ones that don't. If someone wants a tiny camera and knows nothing about what they're buying then size is the primary concern and that's all there is to it. If they do their research it's possible that sensor size could be a selling point, but they might already have a larger camera and want something small to carry everywhere. Either way, Canon's G1 X II product page makes their first multimedia pitch about the sensor so not stumbling across this fact would require willful ignorance.

Larger cameras will ALWAYS be more interesting to enthusiasts because they cost more and require more effort to learn and use. Canon knows this already.

But will other brand users bother to do the research if they think this is just another G series camera and the focus will be slow, lens soft, no EVF, old Sony sensor, no useful battery life indication, tiny battery etc. etc. true or not?

You say no effort is needed to catch people's attention as they will do the hard study. We will see. Kai is a popular comic reviewer and plays to people's expectations and prejudices like any other comedian and he gets away with the 'is that a camera in your pocket' routine because Canon branding gives no easy indication of what the camera actually is.

If Canon can survive just selling only to the already converted and the studious as they always have it will be OK but how long can they do this? I notice a lot of posts on the G1X III talk mainly about Canon DSLR's and ILC's as alternatives which demonstrates how people often do not stray outside of the brand box. Will RX10/100 users be lured across to Canon if there is no easy indication of what this camera is apart from yet another G camera.

G9X, G7X, G5X, G3X, G1X. Looks much of the same thing to me.

I'm a Sony RX100 user, which replaced it with G9X II, and like it much more than Sony. The ergonomics is much better than Sony, which is complete junk. I'm looking forward for G1X III to replace my Nikon Coolpix A, if it's not too big and heavy, otherwise may switch to Ricoh GR II (or III).

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