D850 front focusing :(

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Re: D850 front focusing :(

lickity split wrote:

russbarnes wrote:

glo wrote:

None of my bodies have ever required fine tuning to my any of my lenses, I must be lucky.

ALL of my bodies and ALL of my lenses have needed this. You either didn't look closely enough or you didn't do it properly, or you've hardly owned anything.

Or he may shoot everything at F8-11 and it would be unnoticeable

Or he doesn't pixel peep, his eyes not as good as they used to be, perhaps not aware that AF performance varies over focal lengths and distances (for a zoom lens), or it's not off enough to motivate him to AF fine tune. Those who have some experience with fine tuning know it's a slippery slope.

And those who think OEM lenses are less susceptible are wrong IMO. A single in-body value is just a compromise so you can dial in the most used focal length at the most useful distance to that user. And hope the rest falls within an acceptable range of error.

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