Mauna Kea (Hawaii) Astrophotography advice?

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Re: Mauna Kea (Hawaii) Astrophotography advice?

Jerry-astro wrote:

I will be traveling to the Big Island (Hawaii) in less than 2 weeks and I'd like to be able to do a bit of astrophotography at altitude on Mauna Kea. I understand that conditions may be challenging (wind, cold, etc.) but would love some advice on how to best set this up. My preference would be to go with some sort of a tour (so I can avoid driving). However, my intention is not so much to gaze through telescopes but rather to set up my tripod and X-T2 and do both starscape and possible some DSO (deep sky object) photography, concentrating on larger targets that don't require a ton of magnification. I'm having trouble finding anyone that offers that sort of experience.

Curious if anyone on the forum has done this before and can offer some advice. I'd prefer not to take the drive on my own, as it can be a bit hazardous. If anyone is aware of tours that might cater to DIY photography, I'd sure love to hear about them.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you might have, folks!

I don't know what your experience level is but especially when it's cold I recommend you know your equipment in and out beforehand. It makes a miserable experience standing in cold wind and trying to figure out how something works.

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