E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

Started Sep 23, 2017 | Polls thread
Antonio G New Member • Posts: 24
Re: E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

You got me wrong as when I refer to an adapter is to use F-mount lenses with a new Nikon mount and the one for Nikon 1 proved it can be done and work in a satisfactory way.

A different story would be to suppose (by absurd) that Nikon would adopt Sony's E-mount and to use Nikon'e F-mount lenses in a Nikon body we'd need an adapter to the Sony's stuff with all the risks because either Nikon would manufacturer it as a proprietary adapter or there were the compatibility risks you referred to.

Conceiving this is tantamount to admitting such a suicidal decision by Nikon with disastrous results for them in the long run.

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