Where are all those new M-series lenses?

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Re:Does your SL2 focus accurately thru the viewfinder?

What turned me onto the m5 was my use of my 80d.  I did micro adjust many of my lens.  But, I found that the focus using the dpaf using the lcd in many cases was much sharper than using the viewfinder focus af system.  This was obvious with taking images of close items (flowers, et al.)  That is not to say the 80d was bad using the viewfinder, but using the lcd was much better.  On the other hand the 80d runs rings around the m5 for sports/bif, low light photography and flash photography, in my opinion.  Some might have a different opinion.  Since the sl2 has the same dpaf focusing using the lcd as the m5 so if using a lcd instead of a viewfinder is your thing then the sl2 for some might be a most terrific camera.


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