E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

Started Sep 23, 2017 | Polls thread
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Re: E-mount for Nikon MILC, good idea or not?

coudet wrote:

Parhelic wrote:

I heard some people claim Nikon should use E-mount for the new MILC system.

For users, it's not the worst idea. You wouldn't have to wait years to have something that resembles a half-decent lens lineup. You'd be able to use sweet lenses like, for example, Loxia 21/2.8 or Sony 50/1.4 on day 1.

Problem is that although you would be able to use Sony lenses on a new Nikon mirrorless you would also need to use Sony's algorithms etc in order to make them work, you would be using their contact system. Nikon adaptors to the E mount are apparently very poor which would mean that all those Nikon F lenses would not work very well on a new Nikon body via a adaptor! that would be interesting.

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