Big set of charts from ... now with A mount 16-50 2.8!

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Re: Big set of charts from ... now with A mount 16-50 2.8!

lotboy wrote:

What websites do you think the best one when it comes to sharpness test?

Lens Rentals has pretty much the only reliable sharpness tests. Everywhere else just tests one copy which is mostly meaningless. User reviews where there are at least 20 copies represented are probably more reliable.

Having tested over 100 lenses myself including several copies of the same lenses, I am sure any lens design can be sharp. Lenses are actually designed to be sharp. Maybe they aren't designed to have flat focus planes, they might be designed to have distortion, but they should be sharp. That many copies are not is manufacturing tolerances or wear or both.

Some of those results from don't make physical sense. I've not seen a lens get less sharp from f/4 to f/5.6. It would have to be a very sharp lens for diffraction to have such a large effect that soon, and that is not what they are showing.

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