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Re: Interior Examples 20mm Prime

Connect1 wrote:

I haven't heard this before about the Canon 20mm. I respect your experience with it, but has anyone found the same?

The issue I have with the 16-35mm you suggest is the f-number. There is an f/2.8 16-35 but it is almost £2k.

I have the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 and love it.

Opinions on this lens vary greatly.  Many report it to render soft images until stopped down significantly, while some users seem happy with their copy.  It's a very old lens design (released 25 years ago, I believe), and has a few optical deficiencies - take a look at, who have reviewed it twice (once on an 8MP crop body, again on a 22MP 5DII) - they give a good summary of where its performance is lacking.

I looked into buying one of these a few years back - they always seem to sell very cheap on eBay.  After reading a lot of reviews though, it seems their performance is the reason they often sell so cheaply.  It could simply be an issue of sample variation, and maybe there are good copies out there, but I'd want to try one first before parting with any money.  As mentioned above though, the 16-35 f/4 IS would seem a much better lens for interiors.

But if you do end up buying a 20mm 2.8 USM and are happy with it, make sure to report back!

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