I bought new legacy lenses

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Buyers have all the power on eBay ALL OF IT

I sell a lot of camera stuff on eBay (at lease 95% of my rating if from sells) and if you are getting ripped off on eBay thats on you because 100% of the the time eBay will side with the buyers and not the sellers

the buyer can claim anything they want about an item not being as described and eBay / PayPal will give the buyer their money back upon return of the item

it does' even matter if you seller even states somethings in "as for parts not working door stop etc etc etc" if the buyer complains they get their money back end of story

BTW there is no such thing as mint condition used lenses,  even NOS you would be hard pressed to find a mint condition they are few and far between

I sell a lot of used lenses on eBay and if a buyer is asking me if a used lens has dust that is a dead give away that they don't have a clue as all used lenses will have some dust

as a seller I just take down their ID and block them from bidding because its just not worth the hassle of doing that sell just to have them complain about dust that can only be seen with a bright flashlight shown through the lens   these buyers are going to complain no matter what they buy

if you don't believe that don't ever look through a lens even a good used or even new one with a bright flashlight you will be disappointed to say the least with what you will see

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