I bought new legacy lenses

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Re: I bought new legacy lenses

I was frustrated because those dishonest sellers were rudely refusing returns. They completely rooked me - describing moldy cameras as "near mint" and spraying them with cologne in an attempt to hide the molds smell.

However, there seems to be justice in the end - with eBay. EBay is gonna refund my money and take it out of the dishonest sellers and even make those sellers pay return shipping. I gave those sellers scathing one star reviews, which was justified. So all will end well, except for wasted time.

With Etsy the end result remains to be seen. The dishonest seller there is uncooperative and refuses to take a return, but Etsy might back me. We'll see.

The most important thing I learned is never buy anything that says it's "near mint". That's crook jargon for lying about condition and trying to get away with it by using the ambiguous-subjective phrase "near mint". It's either mint or it's not. There's no such thing as "near mint" on EBay or Etsy, IME.

Likewise with "near new". It's either new, or it's not. There's no such thing as "near new".

A person is either honest or not. There is no "near honest".

Another thing I learned is Ebay will help a buyer who's been flimflammed.

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