Locking Quality setting on D750?

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Re: Locking Quality setting on D750?

dencon wrote:

AutoMatters wrote:

Somehow covering that button so that it cannot be pressed might be a feasible workaround, but how could that be done without defacing/damaging the camera (a D5 in my case)?

new to registering/commenting on this forum, but not this "quality button" issue. Happened once a few years back with D7000, and yesterday first time with D750. Went from Raw to Basic (probably while I was changing ISO part way thru a hectic shoot, my nose not to blame). It seems like this feature is there so one can change quality settings on the fly. I can't think of a scenario where I've ever needed to do that. I shoot raw all the time, anyway.

Possible remedy, barring switching to a different camera system (crossing my mind after shooting with Nikons since the early '70s....plenty of other reasons to dump, but I digress):

If there were a way to make that button feel different from the rest, it might serve as a tactile reminder that one is pressing the wrong button. Especially helpful when working in the dark. I've just added a drop of Elmer's Glue-All Max to that button, and placed the body in a spot facing up, careful to not let the glue touch the surface it's sitting on....and a precaution to prevent the glue from working its way into the camera while in liquid form.

Hope it works for someone. Any other ideas?

Go one tiny step further - find yourself a tiny little super sharp pin with a flat top and glue that on. Soon train your finger not to stray

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