Which flash for Nikon D750?

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Re: Which flash for Nikon D750?

JanPlanicka wrote:

WFulton: The prize of Yongnuo is unbeatable, but really I dont know, if I cant trust it when comercial photoshooting .. just dont know, if it will work in hard conditions where it must not fail.. and there is again that power drain - they say that SB-900 runs some like 300-500 photos, in same condition Yongnuo made around 100, which is quite difference..

Well, so probably the best course is to buy new SB-910 and learn to shoot with it and trust it, because it is new, with guarantee, and probably no other flash will be more compatible with Nikon..

Don't be guided by internet hear-say. The Nikon SB-910 manual, page H-21, available at


says at least 165 maximum power flashes from 2000 mah NiMH rechargeables, and 190 flashes from 2600 mah NiMH. 110 flashes from alkaline. Full power flashes. Not hear-say, specified in the manual.

All the 300-500 flash talk is about is that there are many more flashes at low power level of course, from any flash, but both SB-910 and YN-568 are normal full power speedlights. Full power consumes power. People shooting direct flash are likely never at full power (on a regularly powered speedlight).

If money is no object, then the SB-910 should be excellent. It has some little properties better than Yongnuo (Ready status appears in viewfinder). Also a flashing/or beeping warning of firing at maximum power, possibly limited from full exposure. Third party don't do that.

I miss those, but can live without them.

And some major properties much less desirable (TTL BL on Nikon iTTL flashes is overridden by inaccurate D lens distance, seriously underexposing some TTL BL direct flash shots). More detail at https://www.scantips.com/lights/ttlbl-d.html and at https://www.scantips.com/lights/ttlbl-cords.html

I find that unacceptable. It's not the flash, it's the camera in TTL BL mode, but third party flashes don't have the head tilt switch to trigger it.

The Yongnuo should not fail unreasonably (but I did have to replace one Yongnuo battery door for $5, available all over Ebay).

Should they need service, Nikon provides it, Yongnuo does not (maybe in China?). But the Yongnuo replacement cost would be less than a Nikon repair cost anyway.

You can of course buy about five or six Yongnuo YN-568 for the price of one SB-910. You could simply buy a spare, just in case. Two flashes (as Main and Fill) are often very desirabgle anyway.

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