My biggest E-system grievance - any remedy?

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The alternativ may not be so attractive, after all ...

EspE1 wrote:

I'm generally quite satisfied with my set of E-5, 11-22, 14-54 and 50-200, the latter in particular.

The 50-200 has become my most used lens (as I like to pick "details" in the surroundings). I always carry the 50-200 with the lens shade on, and I have an older LowePro bag that is large enough to accomedate the camera and lens with the shade on.

But of course this camera/lens combo is fairly heavy and large and somewhat cumbersome, the latter in particular due to the SWD lens shade which often is a pain in the neck because of its size (and occasionally falling off). As I've now also gotten into the m43-system with an E-M1 mkI, its natural to consider whether this system can offer some satisfying smaller camera-lens combo.

Comparing the 50-200 with the 40-150/2.8 + EC-1.4, I find that the 40-150 by itself is actually 3 mm longer without the 1.4 extender, so for size the 40-150 + 1.4 combo offers only a reduction of about 0,5 cm in diameter anda loss of weight about 200 grams.

The great attraction offered sizewise by the 40-150 is therefore the retractability of its lens shade, so that it can always be on the lens, but pulled back to cover the lens barrel when wanted.

Well, after searching more on the forums I now find that the 40-150 lens hood (LH-76) may have such a week construction that it often falls apart after some use.

BUT should I need to dole out all the money needed to switch to a 40-150 mainly because of a lens shade - and 200 grams less?

Which should mean that to pay a huge amount of money primarily to obtain the functionality of the retractable hood, may not necessarily be the wisest thing to do ...

(Well is's also a constant 2.8, but to get the reach similar to the 50-200 one needs the 1.4 extender, which leave the two lenses on par in the long end regarding largest aperture.)

That raises the question of whether just a part of the money needed for the 40-150 could get me another, retractable lens shade for the 50-200?

I know Olympus produces no such thing, but has anybody seen something offered by any other manufacturer?

Or has anybody come across somebody proposing a 3D-printed design for a retractable lens shade for the 50-200?I'

I'll look into the other possibilities for alternative 50-200 Hoods mentioned in this thread.

Thanks for inputs, everyone!

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