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There are a lot of great software alternatives to Lightroom/Photoshop today, between ACDSee, ON1, C1, RawTherapee, Afinity Photo, etc.  All of them offer free trials so my advice would be try one each month and see which program fits your needs and workflow best.  I've been using ACDSee Ultimate 10 for the past year and while there are features that are still missing, I'm able to complete most of workflow in the program. One of the best new features in 2018 is having the ability to apply luminance/color masking for adjustments layers in edit mode.  That feature combined with performance improvements may get me to upgrade, even though it's still missing some of my wishlist items.  I think the biggest weakness of the program is repair tools, the smart erase feature that was just added is a step in the right direction but it's no where near as good as Affinity Photo.  Plus clone stamp still does not show you a preview of what you will be stamping, but ACD Systems has indicated this will be added to the development list for the next version.

Otherwise I find ACDSee Ultimate to be very fast and responsive, and I do like having having raw development and pixel editing in a single program.  Granted the pixel editing features aren't as robust as Photoshop/Affinity, it still meets my needs 90% of the time. I recently tried ON1 and thought it had a lot of potential, but I ultimately switched back to ACDSee because the program felt so much snappier.  For the time being, I'm planning to continue to use ACDSee for digital asset management/raw development and Affinity Photo for more complex editing (as well as HDR, stacking, etc.).

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